Being raised in New York yet born in São Paulo, Brazil, both English and Portuguese were my native languages. I could think and dream just as easily in either one! This lead to my interest in translating songs and plays for the theatre. By having both languages come so naturally to me and with my experiences in acting and screenwriting I am able to maintain the character's voices and personalities and most importantly keep the author's original intention as faithfully as possible.

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Having rediscovered my passion for the Theatre, in Paris, I decided to dedicate myself to my career as an Actress. I specialized in the techniques of Stanislavsky, Tchecov, Stanford Meisner and Stella Adler. 

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As music is the voice of the soul, I realised that it was through singing that I was able to better express myself and share my feelings, thoughts and emotions. Singing provides me with freedom, in that moment I am vulnerable, and am able to let go of control and let my voice soar!

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